My name is Mel and I am the founder of Teaching Resilience. I am currently on maternity leave from my Learning Specialist position taking care of my little girl Mila. During her nap times I found myself reaching out to teachers needing help so came up with the idea to start building resources to hopefully make teaching a little bit easier and to help bridge the gap between schools and classes.

Since Covid-19 struck Teaching Resilience has branched out to providing a range of easy to use resources for parents including activity ideas, guides and websites links to supplement school teaching during COVID-19 and beyond. If you are a parent and there is something specific I can help you with, please get in contact. 

My knowledge of the Australian and Victorian curriculums, AITSL standards, teaching and learning practices and student wellbeing and engagement strategies holds me in good steed to support individual teachers and schools to ensure learning of all students continues. If this is something that you or your school might be interested in please contact me and we can organise a free initial conversation to discuss your options. 

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